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These are tha Apps made by Surendra Kumar. IF you need Help you can contact us .

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1. First Time : Anonymous Chat


3. Messenger for WhatsApp++

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  1. Mr. Kumar,
    If this message is actually read by you, I’d make my month. Your name easily proceeds you. I know you have people that actually do the marketing for all the amazingly well made apps you developed.
    I’m going to download this WhatsApp++ because you developed it. I’d like point out some misspellings I’ve noticed in a few of your other apps as well as this one.
    If I didn’t already know of you and personally have other apps you developed, I might pass on the app and choose another one of the same nature.
    I’m sure it was just one of your excited employees ready to push out this app.
    Respectful, I notice typos. I know I have my share of typos.
    With that being said, I’d reread and have several other people do the same thing because I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I had a typo under your command.

  2. As soon as I published this comment, I Immediately noticed a typo.
    Go easy on them.


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